Friday, April 23, 2010

Month Seven Continued

For Easter, Emily went on her first Easter Egg Hunt at Grammie and Grandaddy's house.  Then she got to play with her friend Rachel.

Then we had a photoshoot at Grammie's to exhibit some of our skills...

And Grammie had Emmie's help couponing...
Then Emmie had her first boat trip!!
and could barely move her head in her life jacket =)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Month Seven Continued

Misty is done with Emilys pictures!

Just click on this link 

and the password is barrel

I LOVE Misty Morris!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Month Seven

  1. First event on the books: Half Birthday!  Grammie helped us make a "half" birthday cake, which looked homemade for sure but we were still proud!

We also had Emily's portraits made with
to celebrate her half-birthday.  During the photoshoot she conquered sitting on her own.  We will provide a link to those photos as soon as we get them!!  Here is a sample:

Emily has also become a speed demon in her walker.  Of course as soon as the camera comes out, she knows to slow down...but she will cut laps in the kitchen and follow us all of the house!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Month Six

3/13:  We got this month kicked off with a trip to Walterboro to check on Great-Grandaddy Theron.  He had quite the scare, but it okay now.  Then we got to play with our second-cousin, Ansley!

MeMaw and PaPaw (what James has deemed Marybeth and John) came to visit and Mom didn't get any pictures =( bad Mom!  We did manage to steal of a few from Grammie of Uncle Brian visiting this weekend too.  We had quite the social weekend!

We also snuck in one of Grandpa with the headband the MeMaw brought for her...

Wednesday, March 24th 3:30pm:  Mom left me to play on my baby gym for a minute while she went to get the as usual.  When Mommy looked back I was on my belly...wait a minute, how did that happen?

Friday March 26th:  Possibly our last photo session without a tooth.  We had one break through this morning, so of course we had to document this occasion and celebrate by going shopping.  New tooth = new shoes? Sounds like a good rule to me!

"You mean I can reach new stuff when I move this thing?"

We finally got a high chair. No more eating in the bumbo seat!

Emily can now flip belly to back, back to belly, and scoot around quite efficiently on her back.  She can't see where she's going, but she gets there quick!

We went to an Easter Egg hunt and Grammie and Grandpa's neighborhood playground.  There were a BUNCH of kids and Emily got to play with her friend Rachel.

Emily also went to church for the first time on Easter.  This is her Easter dress (thanks MeMaw =)

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