Sunday, October 27, 2013

Broad Street Ramble 10k

Yesterday James worked some overtime and we made breakfast at home.  Grits for Caitlyn and waffles for Em.

Caitlyn liked her grits.

Then after Bodypump and the grocery store we headed home to rest up for my "race."  Aunt Kathy and Uncle Crendall stopped by with some birthday presents for the girls.  Some pretty awesome stuff!
I headed down to the Augusta Commons for a 5:30pm start time.
Here are some of the sights that I ran past.  Not my pictures (I didn't take any real ones).  
At one point I almost stepped on a dead smushed possum.  So gross. At least we could smell him coming.
And we saw wedding pictures going on here.
I finished in 98th place in 55 min with a split of 8:58.  I forgot to start my mapmyrun app until the start of mile 2.  My splits after that were 8:50-8:51 so my first mile must have been pretty slow.  It was kind of hard to get through the crowd.  My goal for Savannah is to finish in 2 hours. I would have to keep a pace of 9:10 to do that and after yesterday I feel like I might be able to do that.  So I'm pretty sure I'm going to sign up with the pace group thing at the expo for 2hrs and see if I can keep up.  Worth a shot. :) I'm getting excited!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Like Pete the Cat-I love my new shoes!

Caitlyn and I took a little detour on our way to the gym and went to Academy Aports.  My favorite blogger Hungry Runner Girl is always talking about her Brooks Pure Flow 2's and how much she loves I tried some on. LOVE!
Love love love them.  They are awesome.  Okay, so moving on. Then we went to try out the new sandwich place in town.  It too was awesome.
Lots of calories though.  I'm going to have to do better planning next time.
This may or may not have been staged.  (Don't you love Emmy's dead possum tongue?)
Caitlyn said I lay in grass you take my picture. So I did. :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Straight up Phone Dump

We have been having a great time playing outside. The weather has been beautiful!
We are still having fun dressing Emmy cute for school :)
Caitlyn left me another series of selfies.
I could pretty much just eat her up.
The girls have been being such good helpers at the grocery store, they got to pick out their own ice cream and eat it when we got home.
And then got to wash dishes later.  That's Caitlyn's favorite thing to do now.
Daddy had to work last Saturday so he missed out on all the college football.  But we watched for him while we ate pizza bites for lunch.
I also had to shoot him a picture from the oyster roast so he wouldn't feel left out.
Mr. Charlie and Derek came over for some football game Sunday and they both got thoroughly snuggled.
On Monday, we got to go meet sweet baby Caroline.
She is SO precious and tiny! I can't even believe how tiny new babies are.
We also went to the park a few times this week.
And enjoyed the outdoor weather some more.
Wednesday was family night at dance.
 {Adaline, Audrey and Emily}
Caitlyn has picked out her favorite wardrobe item, purses.  (This is the face I get now when I ask for a smile) 
 We had to squeeze in some more play time at the park before we picked Em up from school.

And then a lunch date at Jimmy Johns and some snuggle time.

cutest bellybutton ever!!
 Barrett came to watch football this Saturday.
 And so did Derek.  Caitlyn turned him into a bed.  He was thrilled. lol

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Running stuff

I completed my October 10 last week to compete in this race.  It's pretty cool.  There's a chance to win things every month.  I haven't been that lucky, but maybe before it's over I will!
This morning I knocked out my 2nd double digit run and my last required "long run" on my training schedule.  I'm not sure how I'm really going to work out my remaining runs but I'll come up with something.
Emily had her last birthday celebration at school today.  We took in cupcakes and she got to wear her birthday outfit again. She is so sweet!
And we got the proofs back for her school pictures.  She looks SO BIG! I can't even get over it.  I really REALLY want to freeze them. :(

Emily's Birthday Day

Today is Emily's actual birthday and the last of our birthday celebrations for a little while. 
 We got the party started early.  You know, why sleep in on such an important day.
We hit up Hobby Lobby and got a bracelet making kit. 
Success!  Then Grammy came over and we headed out to lunch.
 Cracker Barrel :)
Then to Target so Emily could pick out her present.
Grams was in charge of keeping Caitlyn away from the toy department.
Success!  Princess/baby doll and new pink sparkly shoes ($4 on clearance).  She was a happy girl!

But we still had to make cupcakes!  
This was Caitlyn's :)
Then this happened lol 
And Caitlyn was ready to eat again.
She's been making this new face the last couple of days and it screams "Vincent" to me :)

I hope she had a great birthday!

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