Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Sweet Girl!

"Now I must empty this."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stitches All Gone

Emily's last stitch fell out this morning, so it seemed like a good time to close out that little event with an update.  First off, she got a visit from her Uncle Krish last weekend.
That's my wild child!

This was taken yesterday and a lot of that bruising is already gone.  I am so SO glad that she is looking back to normal!

On another note, Emily has some words that she has started using....Mama (my favorite), she says Da for Daddy and Ba for ball and bottle.  A few nights ago, I asked her "ready for your bath?" and she took off for the bathroom.  Too sweet!! 

We are getting excited about vacation this Friday and being able to take Emmy in a pool and letting her play in the sand.  This will be a different ball game than when we had our stationary baby.  And she gets to see Uncle Brian soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Emily's Surgery and My Birthday

Emily's surgery went great.  We really couldn't have asked for better.  Her poor little eye looks so pitiful now though!  Here's a shot of the day after her surgery.

Then the swelling got a little worse around dinner time.

Today the swelling has gone down, but the bruising is worse.  
She hasn't let it slow her down but it makes us feel horrible looking at her poor little self. 

She is such a sweet girl.  We are so blessed to have this over and out of the way!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Find

Last weekend we tried out an ice cream shop that is new to us.  Let me show you how that went...

We should never watch "Man vs Food" and then go eat ice cream!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long nights and Early Mornings

We believe that Emily's molars are starting to come in. Something is going on because precious is waking up just about every hour wanting to be rocked back to sleep....ugh. So this morning, Daddy spent some quality time with her while I got a little bit more shut eye. You sure can't tell from these pictures if she's feeling bad...
She likes to pull the chair out to the middle of the floor now.  It's a fun game.

We are also 1 week away from her cyst being removed, so of course she has gotten her first runny nose.  She got her first dose of benedryl tonight too so maybe we will all sleep better. =)  I do not want that going to her ears!

So now you are up to date =)

P.S. Happy Birthday Grandaddy!  We love you!
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