Monday, April 22, 2013

Dance pictures

Emily had dance pictures tonight :) all those little girls were so cute!!

Another sweet one from Saturday :)

Race day/kite festival

First, Emily got a new hat and sunglasses for playing outside. And then she fell asleep. She was knocked out!

Brian came into town and ran a 5k with dad and I.

It was so much fun!!! I got first in my age group, Brian got third in his and dad got 2nd in his. And we left before the doggone awards!! We had no idea. So a girl I knew picked up my medal so I could still get it. It was so much fun! But really cold too.

Then we came home and ate a huge breakfast and went to the kite festival. Where Emily played on the bouncy house the whole time.

No fear!

And shared ice cream with uncle Brian!

Emily was SO sad to see uncle Brian go :(

It was a fun day! And it's only 3:00 :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Summer fun!

Look at my precious matching girls at the park :)

And suddenly baby jail becomes fun when it's optional:)

Some of our faves :)

Annnnd presenting our redneck water park...complete with shade.

That they chose not to enjoy :)

Caitlyn had to get caught up on current events.


Friday, April 12, 2013

Emmy found her very own Disney credit card. Time to start planning a trip!

We had a small bout with sickness this week. But today everyone was back up and at em. Granddaddy let them play in the rain, took them on a date to Wendy's and then to the park. The girls are spoiled!!

Watch out crazy woman driver!

Fun times on the slide

I am so looking forward to being home with the girls tomorrow! We are going to turn the driveway into a water park! :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pharmacy School Reunion

This weekend James and I went away to Savannah for our pharmacy school 5 year reunion that also took a year to plan :)
It was so stinking good to see everybody and to be back in Savannah, where we met.

This was the view from our hotel room. We had a great location near city market.

We had a smaller group the first night.

James and I had to go in a little early, I had the bright idea to sign us up for a 5k Saturday morning.

It was his first one and he did so well! It was a tough one too. We don't have our official times but we finished right at 30 minutes.

And we got to meet celebrities! Lol

The rest of the day we spent walking around downtown, eating lunch at a delicious cafe and lounging by the pool with our cooler. It was perfect! I sure was missing the girls though! They had a big time with a lot of visitors!

Grand momma Pat came!

And Aunt Laura Ann!

The girls had a big time!

On our last night we all went out to dinner together and went to Savannah Smiles.

It was a great trip! But I am so glad to be home and loving on my babies :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring time!

The weather has been so pretty! It's going to rain and be cold later in the week so we have been outside as much as possible!

We also had our juniors officer induction last night. I stole this pic from Facebook since I didn't take any of my own.

We are going to savannah this weekend for our pharmacy school reunion...I'm so excited! I hope that Saturdays weather stays the same!

So excited!


This year for Easter we went to GiGi's house. Emily loves playing with her cousin :)

But first earlier in the week we had some Easter fun.

We went and saw the bunny

Made a cake

And dyed eggs

Then the Easter bunny came!

It was a great day!
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