Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Return to What I'm Loving Wednesday

This Wednesday, I am loving that this...

has taken a prominent position on our fridge.  (yes, to the left that is a picture of Emmy's Daddy =) )

I am loving that this...

is what you get when you say "smile".  We have been having a tough time with molar-teething related issues this week.  Tough!  But today it's looking like she is back in action.  Yay!

I am loving that my Mom and my sweet girl brought these...
to me at work on Monday.

I am also loving how indestructible this toy is.
wow.  It has really taken a beaten.  I keep hoping that it will meet its demise, but no, still going strong.

I am also loving that the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and James is off!  I see lots of quality family time in our future. =)

Hope you are having an excellent Wednesday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Baby

We made the official Facebook announcement this Vincent number 2 is due to arrive in late September!  Yay!  We are super excited (and so is Emily) =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Been so busy!

I have been napping with the baby, so that is eating up my time to post pictures and such.  But here's a bunch to catch up...
 We bought a swing set and Emmy loves it!  She does get enough after a few minutes though, 
which I am kinda thankful for.

 Then Emmy was my little helper making cookies.
 Best made from scratch cookies ever!
 Okay, enough with the highchair!  Let me loose!!
 Well, maybe if I can have a cookie.

 The neighbors cat likes to torture Emily though the glass door.  
They have a mutual agreement not to touch each other.
The groundhog did say early hopefully that true!
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