Friday, October 28, 2011

What's for dinner

Just wanted to share what we had for dinner because it was amazing...

Taco cups

And mini apple pie. Yum!

And for kicks and about my moms Halloween costume. :)

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This is going to be a long post…you have been warned. Emily is at play and pray with Grammie and Caitlyn is sleeping. I should be napping, but this is about the only chance I get to play catch up.

First off…check out this sweet video of our eldest:

And we are having trouble with our fall clothes fitting. My poor child looks like a vagrant. How can 24 month pants be too long with she is in the 95th percentile for height? I don’t know. But they are. Think I’m going to have to hem these.

I also want to share a link to the coolest thing ever. I have started pumping trying to start getting ready to go back to work and needed a way to store all of those little bags. Check out this link. Here is my attempt. We will see if it works. I’m a little worried that the bags might slip out.

Next on the agenda and the main thing…we went to the zoo yesterday! The weather was perfect, Emily had a great time and Caitlyn slept the whole time. Perfect :) Here are those pictures.

It's supposed to be cool this weekend so maybe we will have lots of time to play outside!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One Month Already

Here is a photo comparison of how much my baby girl has grown in just 2 weeks...

 It is rediculous!

There were also a lot of "stand back Emmy" and "don't put toys in there Emmy"s that went into the making of this photo.

Caitlyn also got to meet Emmy's BFF this past weekend. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Somebody left their sunglasses at the birthday party but I think they might be keepers!

And in other news...Grammie saved the day today when she brought us one of these...

I swore we would never use a paci like this because they look so silly. But if it works, it works!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Emily's Second Birthday Party

We had a huge turn out for Emily's birthday party.  We had thirty people!  The only way to capture the festivities is with pictures :)

 Karly, Aunt Kathy, Baby Charley and Carin


 Emily, LuLu, and Aunt Christina

 Ansley, Emily, and Rachel playing with the jeep

 Anna, Mimi and Emily

 Caitlyn and her Great-Grandmother Joyce

 Emily's Great Grandma Joyce, Carin, baby Charley and Great Grandma Pat

 Missy, Tammy, Anna, Rachel and Mason

 Rachel and Jessica


And one last cupcake at 8pm. 

Thanks to everyone who came and who helped!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Emilys birthday

Today was Emilys official birthday and she was one busy girl! Grammie took her to Play n Pray at our church again and they sang her happy birthday.

Then she ran some birthday party preparation errands with Grammie, Krish got here and aunt Kathy and uncle Crendall stopped by. We are all set for party time tomorrow though!

Happy second birthday sweet girl! Man the time is flying!

Portraits by Misty Morris

love these girls!
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