Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some of this weeks happenings

This week was the best week ever. James was off work and Emily ate up every minute with her Daddy. It was also great for me not to have to jump right in to having both girls by myself. We also had some visitors and other fun things going on. Mimi and Papaw came for a visit to meet Miss Caitlyn.

And on Monday, Caitlyn had her first check-up at the doctor.  When she was born she weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and at the doctor she had only lost down to 7 lbs.  They seemed happy with that, so I am too.  The doctor said he was looking for a gain on one oz per day until her next appointment and she has been eating like a horse so we should make that easy.  After her appointment, we had to go pick up big sister from Grammies house.

Later in the week, my child that never EVER just falls asleep....found the sunny spot on the floor and proceeded to put herself down for a nap. :)

Then on Friday, Grammie took Emily to Play and Pray at our church.  She had a great time painting and singing and dancing and playing and snacking....but first we had to have a photo shoot.

Then Grandma Pat came back to visit and brought us some yummy dinner!

Aunt Kathy, Uncle Crendall and Camden came by to see how much she had grown this week. A lot!

And out of every picture I took this week, this is the only one that came out blurry.  Really? Couldn't have been one that nobody posed for. ;) They still looked happy though.

This week we are going to be getting ready for Emily's second birthday party that is this Saturday.  She is going to have a big time!


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