Friday, January 27, 2012

More Warm Weather

 Ah! These are mine?!?

 It started raining on the way to the park.  So we took Sonic home and Emmy enjoyed hers in her barbie jeep while watching blues clues on the dvd player from car.  What is childhood for if not to be spoiled rotten ;)

 Jan 26th. Almost 9 at night and 67 degrees. Love it!

Caitlyn loves that knuckle.  Po baby is chewing on anything she can manage to get to her mouth these days.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy kids

It has still been beautiful outside so Emmy got a little extra time to enjoy it.

And she's been practicing her dance moves...

Caitlyn also had some play time

Emmy has been making some fashion statements. Like these pajama shorts as a hat!

And it looks like Caitlyn might have a few curls of her own!

That sweet girl is sleeping good!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Walk in the Park

They were giving out days off at work this week I jumped on it. And we went to the park.

It is "unseasonably" warm right now and I love it!

The city just built a new accessible playground at the library so we went to give it a try.

It's so nice!

She scaled this thing right off. No wonder she can get in the crib in no time flat.

I'd say our trip was a success!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Near Tradgedy

Yesterday, James and I switched iphones.  I thought I had backed up my pictures....but soon realized that only half had transferred.  Insert extremely sad face here.  So as I went about re-setting up my apps I checked my photos again....there were 4 in there.  What? where are they coming from?  The CLOUD! I've never really used the cloud and I'm still really not sure how it works, but I could not be happier that it was sending me all my pictures and videos back.  All 587 pictures/videos are now back on my phone.  I am now a cloud believer!  And decided I should be updating my blog more often in case something like this happens and the cloud fails me.

 Caitlyn's still not to sure about this snuggling thing.

 new silly face/growl

 I had the girls pictures made with Misty Morris again.  They turned out SO good.  We just got the rest of them back yesterday.  I just have to figure out how to get them on here :-/

 James and Dad cut down a tree.  It looked very dangerous from inside the house.  Here he looked like one of those monkey's at the zoo though with the ropes and all.

 more unsure snuggling

 "Oh, that's what these are for??"  Caitlyn's hands have been working much better for her and are even helping her grab her feet!  It's amazing how much she is changing.

 Our little supermodel ready for play n' pray.  She loves going with Grammie.

And here's my newest project.  I had been wanting to do this for a while, so I just went ahead and did.  I made a binder with a section each for each month.  And printed a little lesson plan that a daycare uses.  It's Christian based so it incorporates a lot of the Bible stories that I just don't remember and they based it off a book of bible stories that was $17 on amazon, so I went ahead and ordered that too.  I also have a section for sight words.  Emily has been picking them up like nobody's business.  The pre-primer list has 40 words.  So I divided them into 7 groups.  She knows the first group already, I just want to make sure she knows them well before we move on.  No need to hurry.  

So that brings on the next story.  This week when James got home from work one day, we were going to show him how many words she knew.  While I was getting the cards ready, the word "fish" was showing on the back of one of the cards and she said "fish!"  That was CRAZY!  We had never gone over that word.  The only thing we can think of is that she picked it up from "one fish two fish red fish blue fish book"  Or she's a genius :) I can't decide!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Phone pictures update :)

My big girl sitting on the couch :)

Granaddy and Emmy in the princess house.

We got the walker down and Caitlyn is big enough to hang out in it already.
If we can keep her sister off of it.  Goodness!

This morning we played "school". :)
We did a puzzle...
and worked on sight words. I think we have 8 down. She will lean anything if we put it on the floor and say "Whhhhhhhereeee's dog? dog?" she loves it!

Time to clean up a little while both of them are asleep!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Two More Days of Christmas and Some Videos

Mimi and Papaw came. They weren't even out of the car good before Emily was asking to open presents.

We had such a good time. Emily loves seeing Mimi Papaw and her "Aunt Tina."  Our neighbors were shooting huge fireworks outside that were too loud for Emmy but she really enjoyed watching them from her window with Aunt Tina. 

Then on New Years Day, Grandma Pat, Grandaddy Emory, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Crendall, Karly, CJ, and Camden came to do another Christmas! Emily is going to be disappointed if Christmas doesn't last 2 and a half weeks every year :)

We are so glad that everybody could come! And thanks so much for all of the sweet thoughtful gifts!

I also wanted to share how Emily is learning so much from YouTube.  I feel ridiculous every time she refers to it as her iPad but she is learning so much I can't argue with her. Plus we never get to use it, so really, she is right.  Here she is watching and singing along with a song about the days of the week.

And one of my favorite moments of the week.....

We are getting SO close to a belly laugh!
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