Friday, January 6, 2012

Two More Days of Christmas and Some Videos

Mimi and Papaw came. They weren't even out of the car good before Emily was asking to open presents.

We had such a good time. Emily loves seeing Mimi Papaw and her "Aunt Tina."  Our neighbors were shooting huge fireworks outside that were too loud for Emmy but she really enjoyed watching them from her window with Aunt Tina. 

Then on New Years Day, Grandma Pat, Grandaddy Emory, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Crendall, Karly, CJ, and Camden came to do another Christmas! Emily is going to be disappointed if Christmas doesn't last 2 and a half weeks every year :)

We are so glad that everybody could come! And thanks so much for all of the sweet thoughtful gifts!

I also wanted to share how Emily is learning so much from YouTube.  I feel ridiculous every time she refers to it as her iPad but she is learning so much I can't argue with her. Plus we never get to use it, so really, she is right.  Here she is watching and singing along with a song about the days of the week.

And one of my favorite moments of the week.....

We are getting SO close to a belly laugh!


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