Thursday, January 31, 2013


Grandmomma Pat couldn't wait on us dragging our feet anymore and sent the girls their Christmas presents.

We loooooove surprises!

And the girls love their new coats!!! Lol Caitlyn was smiling even though you can't see it.

On a side erin condren planner shipped today, yes! (Uncle Brian-the next time Allison has a great gift idea, you let her run with it!)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Impromptu Zoo Day

Today we took off and went to the zoo. It was a little chilly (which wasn't helped by an icee) but we were all comfy and happy :)

Both of the girls caught a nap on the way there.

Emily took some time to strike a pose.

Then we rode the carousel.

And James had the girls kiss a dirty disgusting lizard.

Made for a good picture though :)

I also ordered an Erin Condren planner today and I am super excited. It's this pattern

And people rave over these planners. I do love me a written calendar so I am pretty excited to say the least. :)

Celebrating Daddy's last year in his twenties

We got all dressed up for dinner for James birthday.

The girls stayed with Mom and Dad for a little while.

Caitlyn shared daddy's "donut cake" with him.

Hope he had a good birthday :)

App update

I finally bit the bullet and deleted my app and I am back in blog-posting business! So it's time for a super update :)

Emily is growing like a weed!

James sent me flowers at work one day because he knew I was having a HORRIBLE day at work.

Bath time!

It has been so pretty outside some!

And look how big Caitlyn has gotten!

And Emily fell down and hurt her elbow so we fashioned her a sling :)

Crazy hair!

Caty-bug got her nails painted for the first time.

And Emily got some of her very own make-up :)

And here she is with her little friend Ella Jae at dance. They are too precious!

Tree House

We have been pretty busy round these parts lately. Both girls have had bouts with injury/illness and the other days its been so pretty we try to get outside as much as possible. Grandaddy has helped us with that a lot by building an awesome tree house!!

We love it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I signed James and myself up for the color run in Augusta in October today. That is part of my New Years resolution. I've never really made one before but I would like to run 3 5k's this year and hopefully do a little better each time. These are my stats for December...

Best mile 10:50

47.4 miles this month

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