Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hilton Head Wrap-Up

Here are some more pictures from our recent trip to Hilton Head.
 Everybody loves a good mirror!

 Emily had SO MUCH fun playing in the water.  The ocean was about 86 degrees and felt like bath water (kinda gross) and full of jellyfish so we didn't spend too much time deeper than our ankles.
 But she sure did enjoy it!

 Emily also had a good time with her Burger King crown, courtesy of Grammie.

 Her favorite was the swimming pool.  "emily and daddy swimming pool" was her favorite sentence of the weekend.

 We had a great time celebrating my birthday and Emily's last vacation as an only child!  This was the first trip that she cried because she didn't want to go home.  We heard "swimming pool" over and over and over...:)

After we got home, we were invited to attend a going away party for Emily's friend Rachel and her family.

She had a good time.  It's pretty sad that Rachel won't be home anymore though :(

Here are some pictures that I stole from Rachel's Mom's Blog...

We will miss ya'll!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mommy's birthday

So, today we had a doctors appointment for our big anatomy sonogram for Ms Caitlyn. Everything was perfect and we are feeling so blessed! She weighs 4 pounds and 11 oz right now. She may be a big girl! We also can't get over how much she looks like Emily did in her sonogram pictures.

Then we drove to Hilton Head for a last little vacation with Emmy as an only child. We played on the beach and then, our child, who doesn't sleep through anything, passed out and slept through walking around coligny plaza.

Tomorrow I plan on actually taking some pictures on the beach. It's still hot here, but at least there's a breeze!

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