Friday, December 30, 2011

Misty Morris Christmas Pictures

The girls had too many pretty Christmas outfits for our we had to make one!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Week long Christmas

Mimi and Papaw are coming this weekend to do Christmas again so we are stretching out the Christmas activities too.

Three Months

Caitlyn is growing like a weed and so sweet I could eat her with a spoon!  Its hard to remember what it was like when her sweet little face wasn't around :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

December Daily: Day 25

Santa sure was good to Emmy!

And he shared his cookies!

We were so happy that Grammie and Granaddy were there:)

Then we loaded up and went to Walterboro.

The great-grands plus me. And Emmy with her finger in her nose. She takes after her Daddy. :)

December Daily: Day 24 (Christmas Eve)

We started out Christmas Eve by getting DISH network installed. The guy didn't seem to be unhappy to be here and did a good job so that was a success. Bee hung out way up high on the curtain rod and watched all the action.
He must have thought he would hear Santa's bell better from up there.  First thing this morning, James tricked me into coming into the kitchen with the old "what's wrong with the coffee maker?" My answer was, "What!" and I scaddadeled in there to find this....
 Perfect! So we cooked a bunch of stuff with it.  

Charlie and Lindsey gave James a knife for his Christmas present.  Obviously not a good idea :)
Then Grammie and Grandaddy came over and the excitement really started!
We cooked a huge dinner and Emily sat down and ate with us like a big girl (which is unusual).
Then we read the Elf on a Shelf again.  She was a lot more excited than she looks.
Then it was go time.  Emily came out from her bath asking to open presents.  So we did.

She opened her presents and everybody elses.

And her favorite toy at the time...costs less than 5 dollars and was for Caitlyn.  Of course!

Now how do you wrap up a round of golf with a good friend?  I don't know.  We drew a huge picture and wrapped it.  It worked :)

"What are all you people so excited about?"

Daddy hit it out the park with surprises this year!

Emmy got a new Leappad Touchpad and it was a little tricky to set up.

Favorite toy
New crockpot with breakfast casserole

Santa ate his cookies!

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