Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Daily: Day 10

So yesterday was one of those good days, where you don't get anything done and are exhausted but you have sweet happy tired children :)  James had to work late so we had a girls night out and went on a car ride (lame, I know) to get Sonic milkshakes.  We got the mail on the way home and the girls had gotten a package from Great-grandma Pat.  She sent Emily a wooden puzzle advent calendar and Caitlyn a personalized 1st Christmas bib.  Emily was so excited for the puzzle.  She said "I like it! I like it!"
So we sent this picture to Grandma Pat so she could see the huge smile on Emmy's face.  And that led to sending out pictures of Caitlyn being precious...

And that led to sending out videos of Emily being precious...

That all got started mostly because I LOVE the way she says Krish.  So cute.  
Then she lost interest and we had to clean that's all our videos.

Grammie and Granaddy are leaving on their sea cruise this morning and sent us a picture that they are taking the girls with them...
(Dad might have been forced to participate in that photo-op)

And Bee is probably having de ja vu (sp?) today because he landed in the same place he had before!
It was pretty fitting though since it's a picture of us on a cruise in the background.

Update: my mom sent me another picture. She felt left out because Dad made the blog and she didn't :)


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