Sunday, December 11, 2011

December Daily: Day 11

One of Mom's Christmas presents came in the mail.

I only made it to the second page before Emily and I were in the kitchen baking. We made banana nut bread.

Delicious. It was a little dry but I think it was just a little over cooked. My oven must be hotter than theirs :) This was the first thing that I ever cooked that had crisco as an ingredient. So you know being that unhealthy it had to be tasty.

This morning we found Bee by the front door. I think he was watching out for the bird that visits our wreath.

Hopefully he can keep the bird outside this year.

Then, during one of Caitlyn's naps we had story time.

(everyone knows story time has to start with a song) :)

Two weeks until Christmas!


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