Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Long nights and Early Mornings

We believe that Emily's molars are starting to come in. Something is going on because precious is waking up just about every hour wanting to be rocked back to sleep....ugh. So this morning, Daddy spent some quality time with her while I got a little bit more shut eye. You sure can't tell from these pictures if she's feeling bad...
She likes to pull the chair out to the middle of the floor now.  It's a fun game.

We are also 1 week away from her cyst being removed, so of course she has gotten her first runny nose.  She got her first dose of benedryl tonight too so maybe we will all sleep better. =)  I do not want that going to her ears!

So now you are up to date =)

P.S. Happy Birthday Grandaddy!  We love you!


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