Sunday, October 27, 2013

Broad Street Ramble 10k

Yesterday James worked some overtime and we made breakfast at home.  Grits for Caitlyn and waffles for Em.

Caitlyn liked her grits.

Then after Bodypump and the grocery store we headed home to rest up for my "race."  Aunt Kathy and Uncle Crendall stopped by with some birthday presents for the girls.  Some pretty awesome stuff!
I headed down to the Augusta Commons for a 5:30pm start time.
Here are some of the sights that I ran past.  Not my pictures (I didn't take any real ones).  
At one point I almost stepped on a dead smushed possum.  So gross. At least we could smell him coming.
And we saw wedding pictures going on here.
I finished in 98th place in 55 min with a split of 8:58.  I forgot to start my mapmyrun app until the start of mile 2.  My splits after that were 8:50-8:51 so my first mile must have been pretty slow.  It was kind of hard to get through the crowd.  My goal for Savannah is to finish in 2 hours. I would have to keep a pace of 9:10 to do that and after yesterday I feel like I might be able to do that.  So I'm pretty sure I'm going to sign up with the pace group thing at the expo for 2hrs and see if I can keep up.  Worth a shot. :) I'm getting excited!


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