Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Princess Party

The princess party for the girls was a huge success!
 The cake was not only cute, but delicious too.
We had labels for all of the food.  Tiana's frog legs were chicken fingers.  We also had Cinderella's Sandwiches,  Ariel's Goldfish, Auroras Fruit from the Forest, Ms Potts Lemonade and Snow Whites Apples.
 The girls got a crazy amount of gifts!
 And had a really fun time with all their friends.
{Audrey, Emily, Aiva, and Adaline} 
 I had cute little matching outfits made for them, but I never really got a good picture of them together.
 {Libby and Rachel}
It was super fun and thanks to everybody for coming (if anyone happens to actually look at this lol)!


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