Thursday, September 26, 2013

Caitlyn's 2nd Birthday!

James' Aunt Donna remembered the girls birthday again! She is so thoughtful!!
Look how big these girls are getting? I feel like I just say that over and over again on here, but it's true!
Mom and Dad picked the girls up from school on Friday and took them to the park. 
I think they had fun.
But you never know about these things.

I mean really? Is this not the most precious face ever!!
Then it was big girls official birthday!!
And Grammy brought her a balloon to hold in the car!
And made her some cupcakes :)
We also had a cookout and Charlie and Lindsey's that night and we had cake (from Publix, the best ever).
And sang happy birthday!  She wasn't so sure about it at first.
And then she looked at James like "This is ok, right?" it was the sweetest little look ever.

We also had a little impromptu play date with Rachel and Libby.  These girls are growing like weeds too!
 Emily had picture day at school today.  We practiced our smile in the car.  I'm not sure which one she went with.  I guess we will see soon enough.
 Caitlyn loves getting out at the school and checking out the kids on the play ground. 
 Later on, Mrs. Amber texted and said "yall want ice cream?" and we replied with a "you know us, right? of course we do!"  So we did this :)
 Fun times
Sweet sweet girls.  We are gearing up for our big birthday party now.  So excited!!


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