Sunday, September 15, 2013

Caitlyn's first day of school

James took Caitlyn to school with Emily on Friday and she was so excited to go!
She got an excellent report!

That evening we had dance moms night out :) SO much fun!!

This weekend has been so pretty and we have played outside a lot already.
This is the face of a child about to fall asleep in the swing.  This morning we had Mickey Mouse pancakes that I let them decorate with chocolate chips.  Emmy saw it on the iPad last night and did not forget.
She actually put some chocolate on hers.
Caitlyn on the other hand ate all of her chocolate and not much pancake.  Oh well it was fun!

And just so we don't forget about it later in life...when we take a couch cushion off to clean or look for something Caitlyn freaks out! Like terrified screams not just fussing.  I hate to laugh at her...but it's really funny.  And Emily just looks at her confused.  I know she's thinking "what in the world?!?" Lol


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