Friday, September 6, 2013

Emmy's Second Day of School

This school thing just might work out.  Emily is loving it! Sassy britches wanted me to braid her hair, but we didn't have time so we fixed it up like so.
This picture down here on the bottom is to show just how much space Caitlyn is giving me these days.  I hear "Mommy hold you me" ALL day!  When I'm in the shower she curls up on the rug and waits for me to get out.  When I'm brushing me teeth she is laying between my feet.  It's cute...but wow.
We went to the gym after we dropped of Emmy and I got my long run in. Caitlyn was the only kid in the nursery and the lady she was with is so nice.  We are super lucky with that staff!
After the gym we hit up the grocery store and then Caitlyn was ready for her nap...but no, we had carline to go get Emily.  Did she want to nap in the car? No. So this (above) didn't happen until approximately 30 seconds before Emily got in the car.  That was fun. lol
How cute is that?
We have a big weekend coming up with lots of visitors so hopefully our next post will be more interesting!


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