Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weekend Roundup plus a few

Now that it's Wednesday, I'm going to finally post the pictures from this weekend.  Grammy took Caitlyn to the local craft show Friday while Emily was at school.
 She loved her barbies! And was whipped by the time they went to get Emmy.
 Emmy LOVED her Barbie too!
 Then they had a full afternoon of playing outside in the sandbox and doing fun Grammie's house stuff.
 Then is was Saturday!  Wha wha wha day is ittttt? Game day! That's right!
 And Emmy's turn to go to the craft show with Grams. 
 Then we had approximately 25 people to come over and watch the game with us.
 Fun times.  This is Charles, the nephew of some of our friends/neighbors.  He was a great little play friend for Emily.
 Look at this face....I mean there is not much more precious than this. 
 And Emily woke up from her nap looking for her cookies, that Daddy had eaten, so we made some microwave smores. 
 Monday, the girls go to go to the library with Grammy.  Then Tuesday, Emmy had school and Catie baby got go play at the gym.
 With her friend Mckenzie.  My girls LOVE her!
 After school, we had a big girl lunch date at Jimmy Johns.  They both sat in their own chairs and ate.  I know this might not sound like a big deal...but it was!
 Caitlyn built a castle of pillows and demanded I take her picture.  She is talking more and more and is turning into such a big girl!


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