Sunday, October 20, 2013

Straight up Phone Dump

We have been having a great time playing outside. The weather has been beautiful!
We are still having fun dressing Emmy cute for school :)
Caitlyn left me another series of selfies.
I could pretty much just eat her up.
The girls have been being such good helpers at the grocery store, they got to pick out their own ice cream and eat it when we got home.
And then got to wash dishes later.  That's Caitlyn's favorite thing to do now.
Daddy had to work last Saturday so he missed out on all the college football.  But we watched for him while we ate pizza bites for lunch.
I also had to shoot him a picture from the oyster roast so he wouldn't feel left out.
Mr. Charlie and Derek came over for some football game Sunday and they both got thoroughly snuggled.
On Monday, we got to go meet sweet baby Caroline.
She is SO precious and tiny! I can't even believe how tiny new babies are.
We also went to the park a few times this week.
And enjoyed the outdoor weather some more.
Wednesday was family night at dance.
 {Adaline, Audrey and Emily}
Caitlyn has picked out her favorite wardrobe item, purses.  (This is the face I get now when I ask for a smile) 
 We had to squeeze in some more play time at the park before we picked Em up from school.

And then a lunch date at Jimmy Johns and some snuggle time.

cutest bellybutton ever!!
 Barrett came to watch football this Saturday.
 And so did Derek.  Caitlyn turned him into a bed.  He was thrilled. lol


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