Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hilton Head and Family Reunion

We had a family reunion to attend in Hardeville this weekend so on Friday I had the bright idea for us to go on ahead to Hilton Head on Saturday and enjoy a nice warm day at the beach.  And somehow within 2 hours I had everyone convinced and Mom making hotel reservations.  But first, this was the first night Caitlyn asked to sleep in Emmy's bed.  She didn't of course. But it was cute.
 On the way to the beach we stopped at the gas station about halfway and this girls talked their way into Grammie's car.  Emmy got caught up on local news,
 while Caitlyn snacked on corn chips and Grandaddys tea.  These girls have it made.
 Then we got to the beach.  And the weather was perfect! There was a festival going on with local restaurants set up on the beach.  Live music.  It was awesome.
 Look at the curls!
 The day passed way toofast and before we knew it we were eating dinner.  Caitlyn requested the Frosty Frog, so of course we had to oblige her.
 We had to get up and get moving early this morning if we were going to squeeze in some beach time before we had to check out.  Caitlyn woke up at 6:45 and said she "had a good nap", so we didn't really need an alarm clock.
 Splash pad fun
 One more quick dip in the ocean.
 Bye Summer! (I do realize that it's October, but it still really felt like summer.)
Then it was on to the family reunion.  They had a banana tree at their house.  And it just so happens my girls are lucky enough to have a super tall uncle to help them try to reach some bananas.
 Got them!
 Then Emily had to have a turn as photographer.  She didn't do all that bad!
 Then we went on a super long walk to look for alligators.  We saw some.  And lots of spiders. 
 Uh oh Uncle Brian.  I don't think Grammie could see where she was aiming in the bright sun.  Maybe next time :)
Tonight is our last night of Emily being three.  We have been talking about that a lot and have a lot of plans for tomorrow.  We are at the least eating lunch with Grams at Cracker Barrel (where Emmy wanted to go) and making cupcakes to take to her school on Tuesday.  We also have to eats lots of vegetables.  This was not our healthiest weekend! lol


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