Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Emily's Birthday Day

Today is Emily's actual birthday and the last of our birthday celebrations for a little while. 
 We got the party started early.  You know, why sleep in on such an important day.
We hit up Hobby Lobby and got a bracelet making kit. 
Success!  Then Grammy came over and we headed out to lunch.
 Cracker Barrel :)
Then to Target so Emily could pick out her present.
Grams was in charge of keeping Caitlyn away from the toy department.
Success!  Princess/baby doll and new pink sparkly shoes ($4 on clearance).  She was a happy girl!

But we still had to make cupcakes!  
This was Caitlyn's :)
Then this happened lol 
And Caitlyn was ready to eat again.
She's been making this new face the last couple of days and it screams "Vincent" to me :)

I hope she had a great birthday!


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