Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Before the snow pictures....I have to tell a story.  Last night I had this sweet thing in the bath tub and she was playing SO sweet.
Then...I hear the tub jets turn on and water was spraying everywhere!  Not just a little was a soak-the-wall, all-my-clothes-while-holding-a-screaming-baby-who-is-terrified drenching.  Because you know what happens when you turn on jacuzzi jets and the water is only half way covering them up.  The light switch was even wet.

Then, this is what happened over night.  So pretty!  But very dangerous.  I hiked the hill and made it to work.  Had to use a hamburger flipper to clean the windshield though.
This was the view from our drive thru.  Notice, no tire tracks.
So we closed early and I trekked back down the solid frozen hill.
This is a view of the grill for comparison.
So, back home safe and James and the baby had a fun day singing. =) Hope you made it home safely if you had to go anywhere!


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