Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New routine

First a couple of pictures that mom sent while I was at work this week...

And I believe our new Wednesday routine is going to consist of park plus library.

It was a little wet because it rained last night so Emmy had a little swamp butt.

Didn't slow her down though! And this is the coolest playground. One of the little play areas has a sign language display.

Emmy just stopped in her tracks and started trying to do the signs. She notices everything!

Then we went in to the library. Story time was at 11 but we got there a little too early and our attention span had expired. All of the same kids that are at Fridays play and pray were showing Emmy already knew a couple of them.

Then I made a super exciting discovery. The Fresh Beat Band is coming to Augusta the week of Emily's birthday. Yay!

And daddy doesn't know it yet but he's springing for the party package :) now I just have to find our girl the perfect outfit;)

And on a happy note...Rachel is going to be a big sister today!! We can't wait to hear how everyone is!


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