Sunday, August 18, 2013

New PR and a really fun time

Last night after work I ran in the local Police Athletic Leagues Blue Night 5k.
August 16th bear in mind, but it was mid 60's drizzling and super chilly for us during the summer.  When I signed up I was really dreading running in that hot muggy summer afternoon heat, but all was well!

I met my running buddy there (stalked her out of the crowd) because I knew I would push harder if I was chasing her. And it worked!  I set a new personal record of 26:30 which blew my previous
29:35 out of the water.
But this is the first time I can really say I worked hard that whole race!  We ran with a bunch of 16ish year old guys the whole time who were not having to work hard at all but kept a pretty steady pace (does mot reflect in my splits) so it worked out ok.
James met me at the finish line with flowers! Winner!

We stayed for the awards because you just never know, and Erika and I ended up getting 2nd and 3rd in our age group. I was third :) I started sprinting way to far away from the finish and rather than throw up in front of everybody I slowed down a smidge.

Yay us! 

Oh and the girls...yeah they were perfectly happy warm and cozy at Grammys house watching little rascals.
I'd call it a success!


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