Friday, April 1, 2011

Big Day Yesterday

Yesterday we found out that...
 We went to Prenatal Imaging in Augusta, which I highly recommend, and found out that Emily is going to have a sister.  I am beyond excited!  Mom and Dad got to go with us.  So did Charlie and Lindsey. 

After the appointment, Charlie and Lindsey came over and had bought this on the way home...
(Her auntie Lulu sure does love her already) and a precious blanket.  Baby girl's first presents!

I am also ready to buy into the thought that I can feel her move.  I had been telling myself that it was too early still, but being able to see her move the same time I felt her move, convinced me that it's true.

We also have a name in mind, but I think I might save it for a little while.  Just until we are 100% for-sure sure.

And what a happy coincidence, the Pottery Barn kids catalog came yesterday too. =)  This caught my eye:
Yay!  A girl!


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