Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week we are loving my iPhone. (I know, behind the times.)

We have been downloading some awesome apps on my phone that Emily Loves.  Her favorite thing though is to watch the silly cat videos on youtube.  I have seen enough cats run into walls this week for a lifetime.  

I also read Water for Elephants on my Kindle app.  It was a super good deal and a good book. 
 Hope you're having a good week!


  1. Great things you are loving today! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Cant wait to get my iPhone too... feel like I am so behind! Hey, but now I can ask TONS of people advice about the Apps to get and NOT to get!

    There is nothing that warms my heart like a sweet curly headed baby with a paci! Stopped by from WILW! thanks for sharing what you're loving!

  3. I just finished Water for Elephants on my kindle, I enjoyed it so much!


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