Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy Weekend

James worked some overtime this weekend and I helped with a baby shower.

I made Oreo balls that looked like ice cream cones. It was a hungry caterpillar theme.

Emmy approved! :)

I also made this diaper cake and...

This snazzy balloon caterpillar. It was a great success. Baby Gemma was very showered :). When I got home Grammy had combed Caitlyn's hair on the wrong side...

That hair is something else. And this morning I made this casserole (another pinterest find).

It was delish. Then we decided..hey let's go to the zoo!

Can you find Emmy?

There she is!

It's hard to see but this has to be the biggest turtle ever. It looked fake. And it really enjoyed this Asian person petting it's neck. It literally could have eaten their arm!

Here's a closer view.

Then we sat down and ate as a family of four for the first time ever outside of our house.


That hair again

"who's movin this walker!"

"oh that's me. I SO sweet!!!"

Great Weekend :)


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