Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weeks(s) in Review

 Caitlyn started physical therapy this week for a condition called "torticollis".  Don't google it.  It's way scary to look at the worse case scenarios.  Basically it's a tight muscle in her neck on one side that causes her to tilt a little. We have weekly appointments and at home exercises and are going to have her straightened up in no time :)
 The therapist said that a lot of times with babies with right torticollis it's hard for them to use their right arm to reach for things. But this gorilla knows otherwise!  They also encourage more tummy time.  But that has just led to a roly-poly baby.  We are trying though!
 "Grammy loves Emmy!"
 Pink toenails like LuLu's!
 ohmyword look how big she is!

 Its been so pretty we got to play outside!

 And Caitlyn got to try sweet potatoes.  They grew on her :)

Love Love!


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