Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another beautiful day

I am in the car waiting on Emily and her Daddy to do some shopping on a beautiful day in downtown Aiken. Caitlyn decided this would be a good time to nap :)

So here is an update on some phone pictures....

Typical day with my silly girls

Love that goofball!

And I found these water beads at the dollar tree. They are so cool and usually used in vases to keep flowers hydrated but we are going to use them to learn textures....and basically play with them. (thanks playathomemom)

Emily also painted her first water color today.

Water. Paint. Paper.

And tonight we are attending our first couples shower. My best friend Lindsey is the host and we made the diaper cake together.

We added a Carolina teddy bear up top after I took this. It's too cute! I hope Conners Mommy likes it. :)


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