Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Caitlyns First Cereal and Girls Weekend

James went to Florida with his Dad last weekend, so that left us girls at home for a girls weekend!
My poor babies didn't feel good.  Emily was never sick until she was almost two so I knew what to do for Caitlyn, but I didn't really know how to handle it.  Po baby.  She was still happy though! 

She saw another baby in a bouncer on Facebook and said, "Mommy, I must have this!"  So we placed our order and in it came (thanks to a target visit from Grammy).
She is still warming up to it but it's definitely gonna be a hit. 

Emily got all dressed up in her Valentines day outfit and went to play and pray.  She made some sweet crafts and had a good time!
Caitlyn and I stayed home and spent some time with the humidifier.  (I promise she really wasn't that upset in this picture.)
See? All better!
After play and pray, Emily took a nap at Grammy's house.  In the floor.  She must have been pooped!
And later....Caitlyn ate cereal for the first time.  She loved!  She looked at me like, "Momma, now you know I been hungry.  Where's this stuff been!"

Full belly face
Empty bowl. The first time!
The next day, we went to "Welcome to Moes!" Emily likes to say it more than she likes to eat it.  She has not been eating much lately.
Then back home for more play time.  Caitlyn reached up and grabbed that monkey!  She's getting to be such a big girl!
Grammy came over and we made Emily some french fries and chicken nuggets.  She ate a little bit.  Again, not much on eating these days.

We had some good ole arts and crafts time too.  We had to make a picture for Grammy's valentine card.  I'm not sure if it's made it to her house yet or not...I was a little late mailing them :-/
Then Monday I had to go back to work....Grammy sent me this sweet picture of Emily sleeping.  She always puts her hand on the side of her face like a little angel.
And this picture of Caitlyn playing with the babydoll.  How grown does she look?  Goodness!
This is the last picture that Grammy sent me at work.  It makes being away from the girls so much easier knowing my girls are happy and well taken care of!


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