Friday, February 3, 2012

Four month appointment

Caitlyn had her 4 month appointment today and is growing like a weed!
Stats: She is in 95th percentile for height. Weighs 13.2 lbs (25-50th) and head is in the 50-75th percentile. Perfect growth :)
It seems like it took Emmy forever to get into this outfit.
Speaking of Emmy, she is spoiled rotten. But she sure can sport a cute ponytail!
I just found her asleep in her room the other day. She had made herself a little bed.
She has been saying the cutest things. We were watching father of the bride and James said, look they are getting married! And she spread her arms wide and said, "and they feeeeellll in looove!". She's a mess! She talks along with the whole chipmunks movie and sings and dances with the "fresh beat band". Freeze dance is too cute!
Here is what I will call Emily's "folk" interpretation of the Fresh Beat Band theme song...
And on a totally different note...Brian got matched at Emory in Atlanta so we will be seeing many more appearances by him at the 'ol! :) congratulations Uncle Brian!


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