Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July so far...

We went to the lake for the 4th of July. It was SO hot! It turned out really good that we took the little pool so the girls had a way to cool off a little.
Sassy britches
We bought some more hand me down toys from a lady with girls a little older than ours.  Emily was beside herself.
This vanity was the real hit though.  She talks to you when you fix her hair and do her makeup.  Since Emily has been in a makeup phase this was a huge hit!
This is how she has spent hours! 
We also blew up the little pools since Mimi and Papaw were coming.  They like to spend a lot of time outside, so we needed a little something to do.
But they brought their own surprises!  Emily got a tinkerbelle outfit and dollbaby.  She is rot-ten!
Caitlyn is not so sure about the neck sugar :)
Aunt Tina!

Group shot.  Not organized but everyone is there :)

We have another group shot from Mommie's ladies-night-out.  It was super fun.

And then the biggest event of July so far....Caitlyn has a straight neck!  We had physical therapy this morning and Ms Barbie told us it was our last appointment!!  Yay! We are going to miss seeing the nice ladies but is sure is nice to have Tuesday mornings free again!
This afternoon we have Caitlyn's 9 month appointment and I think they are going to test her for food allergies.  Then we will at least know if she is allergic to milk or not.

Well that is our month so far!


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