Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Week in Review

So we have been having some trouble with "makeup". And by that I mean Emily keeps drawing on her face with markers.  She did this one Wednesday.

"But if I make cute faces you can't get mad at me!"
On the brighter side I got the bookcase put together while she was being so quiet.
Then on Thursday, she was being quiet so I asked Emily "What are you doing?" She replied "nothing don't look at me." Really?
"Have you been drawing on your face again?" She says, "um....probably not." And her Daddy said "you let her draw on her face again?!?"

Then on Friday, on her Dad's watch, this happened.
 Yup.  Notice-on her Dad's watch :) So now I think we really have all the markers put up. Even the ones she had hidden around.

In other happenings, I try to make it a point when we are upstairs not to play on the stairs because that's just not a good idea.  After I had told Emily repeatedly to get off the stairs she posted up with her little toe just dangling right of the edge of the top step...

and fell asleep.  Turkey.

James also got Honorable Mention is Aiken's Best of the Best in the newspaper.

This is considered pretty much a win since all of the independent pharmacies have their techs vote for them over and over and he works at a chain.  Plus we didn't even know to campaign.  Next year we will record a Vincent victory.  And maybe they will call to find out his last name. :)

And here's some cute pictures just to finish up

 Catie-bug enjoyed church :)


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