Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Long time no see

I have lots of pictures that need to go up!

Uncle Krish and Savannah came to visit.

And we went to a birthday party for Ella Jae. The girls had SO much fun!

Brian and Allison came to visit that weekend too and I had to work on Sunday. So Emmy and Allison had a fashion show. And they got to play outside.

Emily's dance class had parents night and I didn't get many pictures because I took a lot of video. James had to work and we are going to Mimi and PaPaws soon so we needed a good video to show :)

They are all growing up so much!

We have been having some super sweet times too :)

Whoops can't keep a diaper on this child lately (look at that belly!)

Some of the big girl neighbors came over to play and had bike helmets so then Emily decided that she needed one too.

And then decided to ride her tricycle instead.

That's all folks!


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