Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rock N' Roll Half Marathon Recap

The shuttle picked us up from the hotel at 5am. And it was cold.  Really cold. And dark.
 There was so many people and it was so exciting! I wasn't really nervous though.
 This was a little bit of a hill and you could see people for forever!  Obviously, running and taking pictures at the same time doesn't really work.
 So I stole some pics from the Savannah Morning News website. 
 This lady and I'm assuming her grandson were out in their front yard at about mile 2 shaking a leg.  People had cow bells and signs all along the course and it made it pass so much faster!
 I tried to take a picture of this church too but it didn't come out :)
I couldn't believe how fast it was over.  My time on my app said exactly 2 hours.
 But my official time was 2:01.  Didn't quite make my goal but I did beat my brothers time (=win). ;)
I finished 2,757 of 11,408 (24th percentile) overall, 1339 of 7954 (16th percentile) women and 260 of 1,364 (19th percentile) in my age group. Barely missed that medal lol.
 On the bus back to Tybee to the hotel you could see the marsh that our old condo backs up to.  It was right to the left of that hotel looking building.  This whole trip was like a walk down memory lane and really made me miss living in Savannah!
 After the race we packed up really quick, hit up Sunrise for the breakfast buffett (best grits ever) and headed to my cousins baby shower.  It has been YEARS! like 15 years since the four of us girls have been in the same place at the same time.
 Then we were headed hom!
 Daddy James must have had all the faith in the world in me because he set this up before he left for work.
 And he left this for the girls.  He is so sweet :)
 And last but not least, how creepy is this? Emily did it herself and came be bopping around the corner. Scared me to death!


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