Friday, November 8, 2013

Savannah Trip with the Girls

We got to the expo along with everybody else in the world :)

Then we went back to mine and James roots and took a little tour of Wilmington island.

We used to go that Mexican restaurant all the time!

And this place. Basils. So. Good.

I had forgotten they had a kids room with a tv where you can watch the kids.
That's my kids on the tv where we used to go on all of our dates. Wow.

Same decorations


Caitlyn said "so nummy is my tummy"

Then we had to go take a picture in front of our first home.  It does not seem like it's been all that long since we have been there.

Road to tybee 

And of course they have to sit in the nasty hotel bathtub :( 
(We lined it with a towel yuk)

I might be able to talk Grammy into going to eat one more time today. Then the big race in the am! I am so excited!

Oh and the girls have taken to calling momma grandma. As in "Shake and bake grandma! Let's go!" :)


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