Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decisions decisions....

Last year we sent out the CUTEST Christmas card.
I ordered it from Shutterfly and used Emily's newborn cute!!  I have been waiting on her Santa pictures to come back so I could try to use them, but I'm getting impatient.  I'm thinking about just putting some pictures of her in her Christmas dress and then a precious one I took of her outside.  The design that I'm leaning toward is...
This one would be really cute if I had a similar photo.
I have kind of been waffling toward this one too.  I'm not sure I want to go through and pick out this many photos.
This one is very similar to Emily's birthday party invitations, but for Christmas.  It took FOREVER to pick out all the photos but it did turn out very cute.

I am so excited to send them out!

For all of you Mommy bloggers out there...Shutterfly is doing a promotion, go here for more information!  I'm being given 50 free cards from Shutterfly for writing and submitting this post.  It runs until the 15th, so there's still time left for any one like me who hasn't ordered any yet :)


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