Monday, December 27, 2010

White Almost Christmas

It snowed in South Carolina for the second time in a year.  Emily has been very lucky to have seen snow twice in her life so far.  Here is a pic from the first time...
{Valentine's Day 2009}
There was much more snow!

This time, it rained a lot before it started snowing so it was a very pretty, but nasty mess.
Emily did not get to touch it.
This was as close as she got.
She did get to feel some on her face when we were on the way to Grammy's house.  And there is actually still some on the ground today.

I also want to share some of my favorite Christmas gifts from my Mom....
She got me this book that you put your recipe cards in.  I have been wanting one and it is perfect (and almost full already).  She also got me two books...
Love them!  

You can see most of James and Emily's favorite gifts on the Christmas post.  Emily is still loving her Dora microphone and of course backpack. =)


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