Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All Clear

Emily had her 2 week checkup for her ear-infection today.  She got the all clear, perfect ear drums :) While we were there, the nurse brought something to my attention that I'm not very excited about. 

A few months ago, they ran blood tests to see if Emmy had food allergies and she was allergic to peanuts and eggs.  We were told they were both a four (I think) on a scale of nine (I think?).   She still eats stuff with eggs in it, just not like brownie mix or anything that's only eggs (scrambled).  And she can eat the m&m's out of the trail mix bag with peanuts and not have problems.  But today, it was brought to light that she can't get a flu shot this year because of the egg allergy!  Being a huge proponent and giver of flu shots, I am not liking this news.  Plus we will be having the new baby right at flu season.  So take this as notice, if you are coming into our house from September to February, you better have your flu shot!! And if you feel the least bit achy or flu-ish...stay away!  bummer

On a happier note, we are getting much closer to the arrival of baby Caitlyn!  I ordered a few last items for the nursery and then we will have the reveal :)  Here's a sneak peek...

 (of course, I will have to edit details :)


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