Friday, July 8, 2011


It has been so hot this summer! Thank goodness Emily's Grammy and Daddy feel bad for her, or she would never get to go outside. This is what we do during the day:

Sometimes a cardboard box is a lot more fun than it should be.

The Gamecocks won the college world series again, I give our favorite cheerleader complete credit!

And we went to the lake for July 4th, on July 3rd because I had to work the holiday.  It was a fun day and Emmy had a great time "fwimin".

Today, we watched the shuttle Atlantis take off into space for the last time.  It's weird to think that we are so used to seeing them launch and Emily probably won't even remember it.  She watched it though!

We have also been working on Caitlyn's room, so hopefully soon we will get some pictures up.


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