Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Edisto Part Two

 Here is a beautiful sunset on the marsh one of our first nights there. The tides were super high this week.

 A little bit cloudy but Caitlyn still loved sitting in the dirt!

 And the naps at the beach were the best!

Emily also got to play with her "cousin" Brianna.  This was the first time they met and Emily was a little more excited than Brianna was :)

This little booger got some new teeth while were at the beach!  Two of them on the bottom finally poked through.

Emily enjoyed the shrimp at Dockside!  We were a little disappointed since they took the salad bar out when they got new owners, but still delish!

 The boys went on an inshore fishing trip.  The caught several redfish and had a good time.  Could their colors have looked better with the sunset?

 It was a beautiful night!

 Emily enjoyed having everyone's stuff around to play in.  Grandaddy's hat was especially fun.  But then our trip was over!  Caitlyn was so wiped out by the time we got the car loaded she fell asleep before she let go of her foot :)
And she was super excited to find that she could reach the cabinet knobs when we got home.  She is growing so fast it is ridiculous.  Expect a post soon on the subject of a crawling baby!
It was a great vacation!


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