Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Edisto part one

Uncle Brian was home for a little bit in between graduating from HARVARD and starting his next phase at Emory in Atlanta so he got to spend some quality time with the girls.  I think they kinda won him over ;)
Poor Caitlyn had to take her morning nap on the floor since I had already packed her bed.  We had lots of packing to do.  But first we had to go to Anna's third birthday pool party!
Sassy britches had a good time swimming with her Daddy and about 30 other children.  She was able to get a good nap on the way to the coast.
And then we were on our way!
Day one at the beach was beautiful!!
Daddy made a freeway. (those are cars)
And Emily destroyed it.  That was her favorite part of sandcastle building.
Caitlyn has enjoyed the sand and sitting in the edge of the water. Uncle Brian and daddy have been working on their hole digging skills and they've provided her with great places to sit :)
From the porch
The princess.  She loved the trailer behind the bike.  She sat back there with her little toys and her paci and let grandaddy drive her all over!


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