Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day

So let me begin with a sad sad story of a family packing for a vacation and a missing favorite paci/lovey.  We packed up nearly everything in our house for Edisto...couldn't find the elephant.  We had to leave to go to a birthday party so we thought well for sure it will show up, probably in the diaper bag, while we are there.  Nope no elephant.  So in my three hour trip thinking about where this dang thing could possibly be...I just decided that I know it's not in this car and ordered another one off amazon to be delivered to the beach.  We probably would have been fine without it, but I felt much better when it got there.  Because remember, Caitlyn got her teeth that week too.  We had been home a week and still no old elephant.  So I thought, well at least it wasn't money wasted.  We probably dropped it at Kroger.
Until today.  On the way to get our Father's Day ice cream Emily tilted Caitlyn's car seat over and there is was.  In the truck, by the seat belt thing.
Now they can be friends.  (and the dirty older brother can get a bath!)

For Father's Day we cooked an awesome steak dinner :)
And here's what James got at the ice cream shop.  Wow
When we got home we realized that we didn't have any baby food so Emily and I made a quick run to target.  We got Caitlyn some cookies that are for "crawlers". 
She's still not ready.  She gags.  Not good things happen.
But then she gets a bath in the sink!

Happy Fathers Day


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