Saturday, October 13, 2012

Caitlyn's First Steps!!

 Caitlyn took three steps a few days ago.  She hasn't bothered with it since, but I feel sure she will in her own time.
 She loves the pumpkins!
 Emily helped make taco dip for the football game tonight :)

Caitlyn had a little sip of coffee at the Alzheimer's Walk this morning and she was feeling like a comedian.  This was her hat!
 Then Emmy had to show us her mustache.

Then it was birthday party time!!  We got invited to Hayden's pirate party.  It was really fun and super cute!

 Emily was so good and watched him open all of his presents without whining or trying to jump in the middle.
 They enjoyed playing with the ball toss alligator guy.
Now we are getting ready to cheer on the Gamecocks tonight!  It's been a busy day!


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