Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Catch-up

Today is Halloween!!  But first we have a little catching up to do with some really cute pictures I just found in my phone again :)
 Caitlyn sometimes likes to just rest in the floor.  It's pretty cute. Emily never really did that.  She's also walking a lot more.  She's so proud of her little self!

We got the girls matching t-shirts for Disney on Ice.

 Emily loved it! But once the new-ness of the snacks wore off Caitlyn was over it.
 The next day Emily was sooooo tired OR grammy worked witch magic and put Emily to sleep right on the floor.  She is getting SO BIG!
 So while Emily was asleep, Grammy took Caitlyn outside for some driving practice :)
 How cute is this little face?  She get so tickled and it is precious!!
 Her laugh is SO sweet!

 New washer = new playhouse
Can you tell Emily is in a wearing-bathing-suit-while-it's-cold-outside phase?  She just appears in them.
 Annnnnnd we made our first pumpkin roll!! Hello holiday season!


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