Saturday, October 13, 2012

Emily's birthday festivities

Emily took cupcakes to school for her birthday. It was the best drop off that we've had. I may send cupcakes every day. But she was so brave and good that she got a little surprise early birthday present (yes, another one.)
It's a LaLaLoopsy that she calls na na noopsy which makes this model pose even cuter :)
Caitlyn also got to sample some oreos. 
Okay, here we are! We are ready for the FRESH BEAT BAND CONCERT!!!!!!
And she fell asleep in the car.  Cupcakes at school must have worn her slap out.  I thought she was going to sleep all the way through Olive Garden.
Woke up just in time for the macaroni!
And there they are! The real live fresh beat band.
We were really excited!
And they were so good! The show was exciting and they got the kids involved.  It was a really fun night and I hope Emily remembers it :)
She got up and told Grammy all about it the next morning.

We got to see Brian and Allison that weekend too. They came for the USC-UGA game.  That's my uncle Chris and Carin too.

We took Emily's cake to our family reunion since it fell on her birthday.  Only about 1/6th of it got ate.  Very disappointing because it was HUGE but there were lots of other delicious desserts there so I really can't blame anyone for passing it up.  Aunt Beverly's Lady Baltimore cake is WAAAAAY better.
Everybody sang to her!

And it was SOOOO good :)

She had a great birthday week/almost a month.  I can't believe that my babies are one and three already! Gracious!


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