Thursday, January 23, 2014

Beginning of the year

For some reason I had been dragging my feet on posting the Christmas pictures, which kind of backed up the whole rest of the month.
The girls got to hang out with Mrs. Regina on New Years Day for a little while and she sent me this super cute picture while I was on the treadmill.  She is so good to them! We haven't been going much this month so far, I was waiting on the new years resolution people to drop off some.  I think we are going to start back tonight. 

Emily was playing around coloring one night and said look Mom, my name!  She never ceases to amaze me.
Then there's this little trouble maker.
Super smart, no doubt, but quite a handful. lol
I finally had the brilliant idea to watch a movie on the iPad while the girls watched a movie on the tv...success!  Once I put the headphones in, it's like I disappear.  It. is. awesome.  I have gotten to watch like 5 movies and a bunch of HBO shows this month already.  Awesome.
We also went to target to get bathing suits and the girls got to try stuff on in the dressing room for the first time. They were so sweet.
Growing so fast!  
Caitlyn made it all the way to the top of the play ground at Chick fil a.  There was only about a 4 minute span where I thought I was going to have to have to go up there.  Emily and a little boy talked her down. 
That day we also got some goodies at target.  I know if my Mom would have bought this for me when I was their age I would have been over the moon!  Who doesn't love a multi colored pen and a new notebook?  I still do now.
We also found this wine on the recommendation of one of my Instagram friends.  It's a winner.  For sure.
This was our bathing suit haul.  I'm going to get them monogrammed of course!
Here's a look at what the girls do when I'm on the treadmill.  The sweet stuff lasts for about, oh maybe 3 minutes.
Caitlyn was kissing her babydoll saying "I lub you!" She is so sweet.  Both girls give out heartfelt I love you's pretty often right now.  So sweet :)


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